VPM Property Management
Trust One Who Has Gone Through It


  • Annual Property Analysis

    A VPM team financial specialist will assess the current fiscal health of your property to determine a business plan for the coming year. Both the financial and physical structure are assessed to ensure the best performance in the current market.

  • Renovation And Project Management

    The VPM team will source, manage and supervise the physical work on your property from repairs to full-scale renovation. We understand the importance of preventative maintenance and always employ highly experienced contractors and artisans. Our network includes fully licensed contractors, plumbers, electricians, designers and landscapers. We have preferred and long-standing relationships with contractors that allow us to complete jobs in a timely fashion, for very competitive prices.

  • A Local, On-Site Presence

    VPM acts as your on-site presence for insurance inspections, broker walk-throughs and supervision of on-going projects. In case of emergency we are available in New York at all times.

  • Leasing And Screening Of Prospective Tenants

    VPM assists in the leasing process by performing background checks on potential tenants including: credit check, verification of occupation and income and inquiry into any criminal or eviction records. We proactively seek to renew the lease of qualified tenants at the agreed upon rate; preparing the rental contract and property-specific rider for review by the client or his/her lawyer.

  • Bookkeeping And Reporting

    VPM provides comprehensive accounting on a biannual basis and with additional owner statements available upon request. Reports include a Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet Detail. We are responsible for the timely collection of rent and the segregation of security deposit in a separate escrow account. We execute the payment of all associated monthly charges: condominium common charges and assessments, quarterly real estate tax payments, utilities, homeowners’ insurance and payments to your accountants and lawyers. Thanks to our account structure, Vivaldi is able to advance payments on behalf of our management clients, should the need arise.

  • Professional Liason And Referrals

    With over two decades of experience in New York property management, VPM has assembled a network of multilingual lawyers, accountants, brokers and craftsman that we place at your disposal. We are able to refer to you our trusted network of skilled professionals. VPM works with your accountant, in New York, to provide the necessary statements and balance sheets for year-end accounting and preparation of annual tax return. We select and subscribe into the appropriate Homeowner’s Insurance Policy to ensure the safety of your asset.

  • Market Consultants

    The VPM team market specialists are always available to provide you the latest information on the New York real estate market. Understanding pricing and sales trends in specific neighborhoods, we are able to provide an accurate rate of return on investment.